We understand that your interest in consulting services is based on a need to conduct business differently or to develop new programs. Temm & Associates, Inc., adds value by effecting successful change in your organization. We take great pride in providing cost effective, workable, realistic solutions and are adept at balancing the needs of conflicting interests. The quality of our work and the trust we build with our clients have resulted in lasting relationships.


We offer a highly specialized service in the health care management consulting arena, concentrating on managed and integrated care activities in both the private and governmental sectors. We have experience and expertise in our chosen specialty. Our extensive experience and proven track record enables Temm & Associates, Inc. to guide health care organizations seeking to implement strategic solutions to achieve the “Triple Aim” – improve the patient experience of care, improve the health of populations, and reduce the per capita cost of health care.


Since we are specialized, we possess the tools and resources that allow us to excel at performing an assignment more proficiently and cost effectively than clients can on their own. We bring in-depth analysis, expertise, and experience to every assignment and deliver informed recommendations with real-world implementation plans.


Because we can concentrate on accomplishing a critical assignment quickly, our clients are freed to operate their on-going core business activities without diversion.


As an independent firm, we need not reveal the identity of our clients, or the purpose of our engagement, within normal legal and ethical bounds. We will not reveal critical information without prior written approval from the client.


We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by hierarchical pressure or bias. If we cannot help our client, we will say so and refer them to other appropriate sources. We are committed to independence and integrity in our work. We combine professional expertise with extensive knowledge and a rigorous approach to analyzing and solving problems to deliver value to each of our clients.

Quality Results

Our proven solutions consistently improve our client’s business performance. We deliver measurable results by:

  • Improving the effectiveness and quality of health care delivery
  • Driving revenue growth
  • Optimizing health care costs
  • Maximizing operational efficiency
  • Improving business performance
  • Improving patient experience of care
  • Improving the health of populations


We strive for excellence in all we do, from the work we do for our clients and the community, to the people we hire and how we run our company.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you and your organization in meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Contact us to discuss how we may assist you.