Focused Solutions for Healthcare Management

We assist health care organizations in developing quality driven, cost effective programs in the healthcare market. Temm & Associates, Inc. has been serving a diverse group of clients for over 20 years. We work with clients as partners. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, and are designed to ensure that clients receive the best return on their investment. 

Areas of Expertise

We work with our clients to design the most appropriate, efficient and effective health care programs and initiatives to achieve their specific goals. The map below illustrates the geographic markets in which we have supported clients.   Market Experience   Public Sector Medicaid Medicaid Managed Care Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Medicare Medicare Advantage Medicare Shared Savings Programs (MSSP) Fully Integrated Dual Advantage (FIDA) Medicare…


We understand that your interest in consulting services is based on a need to conduct business differently or to develop new programs. Temm & Associates, Inc., adds value by effecting successful change in your organization. We take great pride in providing cost effective, workable, realistic solutions and are adept at balancing the needs of conflicting interests. The quality of our work and the trust we build with our clients have resulted in lasting…

Our Vision

Our vision at Temm & Associates, Inc. is to be the intellectual resource for health care organizations and professionals, combining passion with prescriptive actions and tools, to drive outcomes and maximize the human potential within each organization and health care as a whole. Our goal is to help clients achieve success in times of uncertainty, difficulty, and regulatory change as health care organizations navigate the complexities of health care reform….


We hold ourselves accountable to create value for our clients by producing measurable results. Temm & Associates conducts rigorous analysis in our solutioning but that alone does not ensure success. We take the additional steps to also analyze the social system, the politics, the resource constraints, and the many other implementation issues. We focus on what’s possible and has the best chance of making a successful impact for our client.


We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by hierarchical pressure or bias. Temm & Associates is committed to independence and integrity in our work. We understand we are being hired for our independent judgment and objectivity, technical expertise, and analytical skills. We combine our professional expertise with extensive industry knowledge and a rigorous approach to analyzing and solving problems which deliver the highest quality and value to our clients.


The health care industry has never been confronted with so much volatility, complexity, and uncertainty as it does today. The only certainty is that the challenges we face today can’t be ignored. Our extensive experience and proven track record enables Temm & Associates to guide health care organizations seeking to implement strategic solutions to achieve the “Triple Aim” – improve the patient experience of care, improve the health of populations, and reduce the per capita cost of health care.

Focused Solutions for Healthcare Management

Temm & Associates, Inc. is a national health care consulting firm that navigates the ever-changing landscape within the public and private sectors. Through extensive industry knowledge and experience, we provide our clients with high-quality products, services and insightful support. With extensive experience in program development and implementation, financial analysis, information system design, executive leadership, clinical and operational management, we are a valuable resource for your organization. We offer clients deep, substantive expertise and practical business advice supported by rigorous quantitative and qualitative research. We translate real time health care developments into initiatives to solve our client’s most complex business problems. We offer focused solutions to our client’s unique situations and specific challenges.