COVID-19 Message

We are in unprecedented times and like you, we are following the COVID-19 pandemic closely. As a partner to health systems and providers across the U.S., we have an important responsibility to protect the health and safety of our associates, care providers, and communities.

We have instituted a corporate no-travel policy to help mitigate the spread of this disease and to protect both our associates and the front-line care providers we serve. PLEASE NOTE: We are available for meetings and consultations virtually via video conferencing software. We have found this to be an extremely efficient and cost saving alternative for our clients.

We acknowledge many of our partners and clients are at the forefront of this global pandemic and are being pushed to extraordinary limits. We are grateful for their commitment to this public health crisis and Temm & Associates, Inc. will continue to provide support and services during this time, We are actively assessing the best options for deploying our expertise to address the current and forthcoming challenges.

Our commitment is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners and clients to flexibly meet these unprecedented challenges. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting post-pandemic health care system sustainability to ensure financial strength, operational excellence, and resiliency in the face of uncertain future challenges. We will continue to stand with our health care partners to weather this crisis, transform health care into a more efficient and effective system and inspire a much bolder population health mission for our country.

Be well and be safe.