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Providing Focused Solutions for Healthcare Management

Temm & Associates, Inc. is a national healthcare consulting firm that navigates the ever-changing landscape within the public and private sectors. Through extensive industry knowledge and experience, we provide our clients with high-quality products, services and insightful support. With extensive experience in program development and implementation, financial analysis, information system design, executive leadership, clinical and operational management, we are a valuable resource for your organization. We offer clients deep, substantive expertise and practical business advice supported by rigorous quantitative and qualitative research. We translate real time healthcare developments into actionable information to solve our client's most complex business problems. We offer focused solutions to our client's unique situations and specific challenges.

Temm & Associates, Inc. partners with healthcare delivery systems, government agencies, Medicaid health plans, commercial HMOs, self-funded health plans, Medicare Advantage plans, long term care providers and others to help them meet the ever changing needs in their markets and plan for the future, while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

With the passage of healthcare reform legislation, the real work has now just begun. For the first time in our industry's history, government health care spending is now outpacing that of commercial. Whether your target is the Federally Facilitated Exchange (the health insurance marketplace) or state based exchanges, the Dual population, Medicare Advantage, traditional Medicare or Medicaid, Temm & Associates' experts know how to transform your vision into reality. Temm & Associates, Inc. is prepared to assist clients in adapting their businesses to achieve success in identifying and responding to the opportunities embedded in the Affordable Care Act and subsequent policies: opportunities to expand and grow; opportunities for integration of service delivery models; opportunities to address cost and waste, opportunities to meet the enormous needs and challenges this legislation will create and demonstrate distinctive capabilities and value our clients have to offer to all participants in the healthcare economy.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you and your organization in meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Contact us to discuss how we may assist you.